A Snuggly Future for Mendicant City

My first book is busy being born. I think I’ll call him … Mendicant City.

He’ll be a slender lad: a Snuggly Slim, in fact. Specifically: Number Six in the Snuggly Slim series, a line of affordable (because “slim”) books produced by Snuggly Books. (The cover is now visible on the Forthcoming Titles page.)

As per the business model of Snuggly Books, Mendicant City will be available individually after its release date, but also available (possibly even before the release date) in a bundle, selection to be announced in due course by the editors. I am looking forward to seeing what it will be bundled with! I have been keeping up with this publisher from the beginning, so I have all of the books they’ve put out so far; I can attest that the quality is top notch, both textually and aesthetically.

In related news, Snuggly Books has released a hefty tribute (to Mark Samuels) anthology called Marked to Die, which contains, if I may be so brassy as to toot my own horn, a contribution from a certain Yours Truly. You may purchase it right now, I believe, even though the official “release date” is in the future. (That may simply be the Amazonian date; one should buy from publishers directly whenever possible, is my ’umble opinion.)

2016, therefore, appears to be my Snuggliest year ever! You are invited: Snuggle with me. (Actually, it’s mandatory.)

The Glass Eye

An increasingly rare and pleasurable event has occurred, viz. a new story publication!

Axolotl, an aesthetically sublime online lit venture, has ventured to include my story The Glass Eye in its tenth issue. It has been quite a while since I have published a piece online … I have gravitated more toward the print medium in recent years.

Please enjoy!

Marked to Die

It appears I may speak freely now as to the forthcoming appearance in print of a story by one Yarrow Paisley, and so I shall, so I shall. But first, I must prepare a cup of coffee. It has become a ritual of mine to use the pourover method, which not only produces an outstanding hot beverage, but it conserves beans … the apparatus itself only cost me about two dollars … requires a little “puttering,” however …

Ah, ’tis on the boil … and before it screams, I here quickly mention that I will have a story published in an anthology called Marked to Die: A Tribute to Mark Samuels (Snuggly Books), which will appear in May 2016. A full list of contributors may be found behind the link.

Autumnal Gone Lawn

My former gig, Gone Lawn, has released its Autumn issue (having, I b’lieve, skipped Summer). There’s some excellent work in there!

Highlights (in my estimation, obviously; you should read all and judge for thyself): Stephanie Dickinson’s “Postcards” deliver gorgeous, baroque, and poignant prose—the key to my lit heart. Ted Lardner’s “Haibun: Cricket Cage in Our Mother’s Basement” is an elegant and harrowing meditation on the firebombing of Tokyo, which I found resonant with my recent viewing of Hiroshima mon amour. Vidya Panicker’s “The Snake Charmer” is charming indeed, at least to an underfoot limbless entity such as me! These are just a few examples … Gone Lawn teems with more, I promise, so go check it out!

Congratulations, Owen Kaelin, for keeping the Gone Lawn light burning so brilliantly!

Theaker's Fiction Quarterly (plus a Delightful Wrong Turn)

Issue # 52 of Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction is finally upon the world, stretching its thews and tonguing its chops, eyeballs swiveling for signs of prey … And guess what? My very own story is tattooed in its flesh! That’s right, you can read my story on the skin of a genuine, bone-fide Satisfaction-Guaranteed-Or-Your-Money-Back MONSTER!!!

Okay, not so much a monster, per se, as a rather cute and non-ostentatious lit mag out of the UK that is featuring my story “Rocking Horse Traffic” … a story, like so many of my stories, of which I am inordinately fond and swooning with pleasure and pride at its first flight. TQF is available for free in pdf, mobi, and epub formats. If you don’t mind parting from a small satchel of lucre, you can purchase a paperback version or a Kindle version.

Tickling me delightfully about my appearance in these pages: Douglas J. Ogurek, whose brilliant fiction I was extremely proud to publish (twice) during my editing stint at Gone Lawn, is the staff film reviewer at Theaker’s, and so our work nestles happily together within the same volume!

(Doesn’t really matter, I suppose, but I, aw shucks, always get a bit naturally bubbly when my work appears alongside my ol’ Gone Lawn playmates.)


Never too busy to make a wrong turn when necessary!

For example, my most recent wrong turn delivered me here.

And that is only the van! Throbbing throngs in hot pursuit! An invading army of pronunciations swarming down your ear canals!

She calls her voice her purr. Yes yes yes.

I won’t be drawn into podcasts, however. Will not. Not not not.