I, No Other is Official

It’s been Official before, but now it really is Official. Promise!

I, No Other, my brand new collection of exquisitely spankable narrations, is available from Whiskey Tit and may be purchased directly from the Publisher, from Amazon, from Barnes & Noble, and presumably from other online booksellers I’m too lazy to research. I recommend the first option, of course, with its greater infusion of monies directly into my Literary Bloodstream, but if you’re into “saving money” or whatever you should probably definitely buy it from World Wide Widgets, and they’ll probably pair it with a free orgasm, which Whiskey Tit won’t (at least, I’m not aware of any current offers, you’ll have to check the website). I have been informed it will also be available in select Real Life Bookstores world-wide, and so you may be able to crack the spine and dog-ear a few pages before setting it back on the shelf and wandering over to the coffee bar for a chocolate bar, which you could use to smudge the pages a bit, too, so do head on back to the Paisley Display before you leave, if only for that.

I would like to thank Miette Gillette for her Publicating Prowess and for putting up with my unconscionable nitpicking / assholery for so long a time now (my only excuse being my jacket). And I would like to thank Jeremy Hawkins, my brilliant artiste friend, for his permission to use the beautiful artwork you see on the cover. And I would not like to thank anybody else at the moment, thank you very much.

Oh wait, I would I like to thank the Big Bar in NYC, where my release party was thrown. Duh, I never reported on the outcome of that event, so now, Hear All About It! Stefan and Ariel, did I get your names right? (I was drinking at the time.) Stefan read from his highly entertaining WIP novel to warm up the crowd, and from that moment until the very end, warmth was indeed environmentally plentiful and enjoyed by all! He gave me a copy of his first novel, New Roses, which I’ve already read and greatly admire (for language, energy, consciousness, and delightfulness) and recommend to everybody else, but don’t buy it until AFTER you bought mine, okay? He is joining, I am told, the Whiskey Tit fambly—I don’t think I’ve given anything away, but if I have I trust I will be duly sanctioned and if so this little bit removed post-haste—and I will be delighted to welcome him to the stable … once I’ve made my own stall a little more comfortable.


This is some sort of page that conveys the details of my Book Release Party for I, No Other.

Sunday, March 26 at 8 PM at Big Bar (75 E 7th St) in NYC. Glad it’s Big. Just hope it’s Big enough to contain the masses that will turn out.

I have opted to continue my Facebook Fast, and so I will not be spreading this about on Facebook, but anyone else is not prohibited from doing that! Oh, I think my Estimable Publisher provided me with a Facebooky sort of link … okay, here it is.

All Tomorrow's Parties (well, some of them)

It seems that since my estimable Publisher saw fit to remove her foot and reattach it while snorkeling in Socialist Waters, the Release Party for I, No Other has been postponed. We are hoping for a March 25th date. (That, at least, is the day I have requested off at work. This shindig will be in NYC, a.k.a. the Long Haul.) It all depends on the Ukrainian, I’m told. Honestly, though, what is this “Party”? I’m going to read a story, maybe, to a group of adoring fans? Meaning maybe three drunks at a bar? I can do that anytime!

Okay, tl;dr, my book will or willn’t be available sometime soon or possibly less soon!

Ah, and I keep meaning to mention here: Goodreads, to date, has nothing but praise for Mendicant City. Let’s keep it that way, people!


Today I read a book of poems by a friend and was delighted. A female Bukowski, I knew it all along! The book is called The Art of Bars: Twelve Steps in the War Against the Self by Mickey J. Corrigan, a not particularly prepossessing title, sure, but the poems are terrific! Very much in the spirit of Hank Chinaski, but not limited by their conscious tribute to his style and approach. They have their own voice and their own character, and well, let her speak for herself:

You pose, display what’s on tap
for the night. Bog Woman.
Out of your black cave
into the ragged firelight.

Good stuff!

I also read Killing the Math today, the second book by fellow Whiskey Titter Joey Truman, and found it charming—much to my delight. I read Truman’s first novel Postal Child last year, and, um, “charming” is not the word … but this one turns out to be a pleasant and engaging bildungsroman full of filth and innocence, surely ripe for cinematic conversion. One of those road trip movies, you know? Like, say, Y Tu Mama Tambien, only in Wyoming.

This page is now this page

I have brought the blog portion of my site to the front of the stage. If you came to view my glorious picture or see my redoubtable list of publications, that is all on the “About+Bibliography” page in the Menu up top.

Why did I do it? I, No Other, my narratorial collection from Whisky Tit, will be delivered to the Literary Wards next month, and that news will be announced here, not the other page. (Things was gettin’ TOO COMPLICATED the other way, I meantersay.)

I may or may not start a Facebook Author Page to relay book-related news. I’m still mulling … my publisher would like me to do that. I am wary, however, of exposing my delicate membranes to Facebook again. If I did it, I would probably reactivate my personal account in order to announce the existence of the Page to all those friends I used to have. And then I would quickly abandon them by shutting down my account again. Ha ha!

We shall see. For now, my announcements live here. So check in every now and then!