Preorder Praxis

Mendicant City, my Snuggly Slim, is available for preorder from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. (If you have a Barnes & Noble membership or an Amazon Prime membership, shipping will be free, even for this measly 6-dollar object!)

The official Snuggly release date is August 8. If you preorder from one of these online behemoths, therefore, you will receive the item shortly thereafter. On the other hand, if you preorder through Snuggly Books’ Demented Bundle Offer, you will receive not only MY book, but books by other people, too! Who are those “other people” you ask suspiciously? “Are they worth my coin?” Well, why don’t you follow that link back there and find out for yourself? Must I hold your hand? Am I abusing question marks? How foul! Who, next, will be my victim(s) … Commas? Parentheses? Ellipses? No, it’s worse than you thought: Emoji. ;)

I have received my author copies today, I should mention, and they are gorgeous. The book is gorgeous. As is Marked to Die, which I also received. (This is the anthology containing my story “Reinformation Theory.”) And guess what? That one appears to be available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, too! So, even if you don’t have a store membership, you should still be able to get free shipping on Mendicant City if you add it to the same order in which you purchase Marked to Die. :D Ahem.

The Snuggly Demented Bundle

An affordable bundle of three titles has been announced at the Snuggly Books website:

Mendicant City by Yarrow Paisley (ME!)
Rule Dementia! by Quentin S. Crisp
The Tarantulas’ Parlor and Other Unkind Tales by Léon Bloy, translated by Brian Stableford

My title is a Snuggly Slim; the other titles are full length Snuggly Books, available in both paperback and limited edition hardcovers.

Visit the Snuggly Special Offers page for details on how to order this so-called Demented Bundle.

I would also recommend, if you haven’t already, purchasing the Snuggly anthology Marked to Die, which contains my latest published work!

A Snuggly Future for Mendicant City

My first book is busy being born. I think I’ll call him … Mendicant City.

He’ll be a slender lad: a Snuggly Slim, in fact. Specifically: Number Six in the Snuggly Slim series, a line of affordable (because “slim”) books produced by Snuggly Books. (The cover is now visible on the Forthcoming Titles page.)

As per the business model of Snuggly Books, Mendicant City will be available individually after its release date, but also available (possibly even before the release date) in a bundle, selection to be announced in due course by the editors. I am looking forward to seeing what it will be bundled with! I have been keeping up with this publisher from the beginning, so I have all of the books they’ve put out so far; I can attest that the quality is top notch, both textually and aesthetically.

In related news, Snuggly Books has released a hefty tribute (to Mark Samuels) anthology called Marked to Die, which contains, if I may be so brassy as to toot my own horn, a contribution from a certain Yours Truly. You may purchase it right now, I believe, even though the official “release date” is in the future. (That may simply be the Amazonian date; one should buy from publishers directly whenever possible, is my ’umble opinion.)

2016, therefore, appears to be my Snuggliest year ever! You are invited: Snuggle with me. (Actually, it’s mandatory.)

Marked to Die

It appears I may speak freely now as to the forthcoming appearance in print of a story by one Yarrow Paisley, and so I shall, so I shall. But first, I must prepare a cup of coffee. It has become a ritual of mine to use the pourover method, which not only produces an outstanding hot beverage, but it conserves beans … the apparatus itself only cost me about two dollars … requires a little “puttering,” however …

Ah, ’tis on the boil … and before it screams, I here quickly mention that I will have a story published in an anthology called Marked to Die: A Tribute to Mark Samuels (Snuggly Books), which will appear in May 2016. A full list of contributors may be found behind the link.

Autumnal Gone Lawn

My former gig, Gone Lawn, has released its Autumn issue (having, I b’lieve, skipped Summer). There’s some excellent work in there!

Highlights (in my estimation, obviously; you should read all and judge for thyself): Stephanie Dickinson’s “Postcards” deliver gorgeous, baroque, and poignant prose—the key to my lit heart. Ted Lardner’s “Haibun: Cricket Cage in Our Mother’s Basement” is an elegant and harrowing meditation on the firebombing of Tokyo, which I found resonant with my recent viewing of Hiroshima mon amour. Vidya Panicker’s “The Snake Charmer” is charming indeed, at least to an underfoot limbless entity such as me! These are just a few examples … Gone Lawn teems with more, I promise, so go check it out!

Congratulations, Owen Kaelin, for keeping the Gone Lawn light burning so brilliantly!