Futuristic Glimpses

Forgot about this website thingy. But one would have—had one not forgotten—announced the forthcoming (2019) publication of one’s third book . . . a fiction collection entitled Furious in the Expanse. Not sure EXACTLY when, but probably later in the year, as you might deduce from its placement in this here list.

I love the visual sensorium of Eibonvale Press, and I used to daydream about placing work there . . . thus, when they started doing chapbooks I saw my chance! I pounced! The trap was sprung! I was in! I’m in! A thousand thank yous to David Rix, aka Mr. Eibonvale himself!

Hmm, any other news? I can’t think of any. My life is nothing but work work work, but I’m hoping to reënlist my creative faeries this year. I may have to pressgang those motherfuckers, actually, but we’ll try persuasion first, of course. First carrots, then sticks, or maybe carrots as sticks?