Get your ZOOM on at SMOLFAIR!

Here’s my lazy cut-n-paste from the announcement I composed over at my Patreon Page: I’ll be giving a reading tomorrow night (Saturday, March 6) via Zoom, a technology I’ve used previously in my life exactly once, so cross your fingers folks! It worked that time, however—flawlessly—so perhaps I am injecting an entirely synthetic note of anxiety here…. Why? ‘Cause I can.

The Event in question is called SMOL Fair, which is a consortium of highly uninfluential Small Press types … my favorite kind! Among those movers and shakers is my own personal favorite mover-and-shaker, Whiskey Tit, publisher of I, No Other.

Here is the link you’ll need to use to witness my debacle. Starts at 6PM, but the immolation of Yours Truly will probably occur sometime in the second hour, methinks. It’s only like 10-15 minutes, so don’t expect the Internet to break or anything. Not sure what I’m going to read, of course. I’m currently leaning toward an excerpt from Cherry, maybe that’ll bring in a new Patron or two? If they wanna read the rest, I mean: it’s exclusive here, after all, at the mo’! (And maybe it would be good practice for the audiobook version, which I’m hoping to produce pretty soon. That’ll be a long one, though. Flaneurysm came in at 1/2 an hour, so Cherry might end up nearly twice that. Might serialize her, we’ll see how it shakes out.) Another possibility would be one of my WIPs… there ARE a few of those, in theory …. cryogenic heads, mostly.