I, No Other

My debut full-length collection I, No Other shall be released to fly out upon the world’s weakening literary winds on December 15 … according to inside sources … but don’t hold me to it.

The smudge I have made upon the vast vellum of Literary Influence thus grows a shade darker; from a certain angle, one may soon even begin to discern its amorphous diffusions in the pulp. I advise keeping your celebrations to a minimum, however. The neighbors might complain!

I presented a reading of some of this material recently at the Space Gallery in Portland, Maine. I say that casually, but the event represented the popping of my Reading Cherry, and now I am fully confident that all my future readings will induce spontaneous orgasm in every future audience member.

If I think of any further information to promote this new title, I will be sure to procrastinate lengthily before posting it.