I, No Other Podcast Casts Off

I have begun a bold new project! It is I, No Other Podcast, a new venue for my creative expressions. It will project my Art into the world by means of the increasingly potent Podcast medium. It will also draw in the masses to support my Patreon project.

In this Podcast, I will premiere audio narrations of my stories. I will sing songs, more than likely covers for the most part, but maybe even some originals from time to time, who knows? I will discuss things on my mind, perhaps. Books? Films? Music? We shall see.

Episode 1 includes the audio narration of “Your Mother Loves You” and my cover of Leonard Cohen’s famous cover song “The Partisan.” Sufficiently supportive patrons of my Patreon will be able to download higher quality mp3s of the materials included in the Podcast.

If you’re wondering, I intend eventually to create audio narrations of all the stories in I, No Other. I will also create audio versions of other stories that I post to my Patreon feed. These will all premiere on I, No Other Podcast. No need to become a patron to hear them, since the Podcast is freely available on many Podcast distribution platforms, but if you find yourself becoming a “regular,” maybe you could throw in a little support, who know? But like I said, it’s okay if you don’t, I’m happy for an appreciative audience. And if you don’t like my stuff, or it offends you, feel free to fuck off. That’s the lovely thing about Podcasts: you don’t actually have to listen to them!

For now, I foresee a monthly release schedule. If the Patreon picks up, then I just might accelerate that. Fingers crossed!

Here is the list of platforms where you can find I, No Other Podcast (that I’m aware of). Just search the title in your preferred app, but if it doesn’t come up, well, try one of these:
Apple Podcasts
Amazon Music
Google Podcasts

It’s hosted by RedCircle, so if all else fails, that should work!