Tiresome Marketing

Here is a video of my reading in Austin. If it had registered even minutely on my consciousness that the video camera that was aimed at me would record … a video … that would reside in the permanent collection at the renowned museum of the Moving Image, Youtube, I likely would have chosen a different story to read. Not that there is anything terrible about “The Prince of Pee.” I maintain special affection for that piece, but I must acknowledge it is not one of the pillars of my oeuvre. I shall live and learn; next time, a pillar.

I have discovered that there is a Goodreads Giveaway of I, No Other that will end on April 12. Three copies are being made available: if you win, you’ll receive a copy of the book, the implied quid pro quo being that if you like what you read you will review it with Mega Stars, whereas if you dislike it, you will burn it on Youtube. If the literary flames happen to summon a malevolent spirit to the author’s bedchamber, I pray it will be an arousing and feminine one.