Your Mother Loves You

Off to the races with Patreon! Two devoted Patrons already! Thank you both! One of ’em’s my Mawm!

In honor of the fact that my mother loves me, I thought I should post my story Your Mother Loves You as a free sample of my fiction. . . .

That’s not true, but I liked the sound of it. I’m posting this particular story for free because it’s short and effective: a blast of slippery weirdness that lingers awkwardly in the amygdala (but in a pleasing way, I assure you). Which is to say, it gives potential patrons a representative glimpse into my Literary Cosmos. You want more reads like that one? Better sign up!

This will be the only full free sample. Other stories will live behind the paywall.

For now, I’m busy cogitating ways to attract patrons in the coming months. (Stay tuned is what I’m saying. Also, if you have any bright ideas, shine ’em MY way, willya?)