All Tomorrow's Parties (well, some of them)

It seems that since my estimable Publisher saw fit to remove her foot and reattach it while snorkeling in Socialist Waters, the Release Party for I, No Other has been postponed. We are hoping for a March 25th date. (That, at least, is the day I have requested off at work. This shindig will be in NYC, a.k.a. the Long Haul.) It all depends on the Ukrainian, I’m told. Honestly, though, what is this “Party”? I’m going to read a story, maybe, to a group of adoring fans? Meaning maybe three drunks at a bar? I can do that anytime!

Okay, tl;dr, my book will or willn’t be available sometime soon or possibly less soon!

Ah, and I keep meaning to mention here: Goodreads, to date, has nothing but praise for Mendicant City. Let’s keep it that way, people!