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Gone Lawn
My original association with this literary journal was as a contributor. In 2013, I was honored to be asked to Guest Edit issue # 11, a task I accepted with great pleasure! I continued for several more issues (12-16) as a co-editor (along with Owen Kaelin, the founder of the feast), and I encourage you to hop on over and nibble on those tasty literary carrots. If you are a writer, please do consider Gone Lawn for your submissions! Have a look at the guidelines and alight your eyes upon the contents of the archives.
The Step Chamber
A collaborative website that I participated in a few years ago, along with Owen Kaelin, Tantra Bensko, Alana I. Capria, Micah Dean Hicks, Kyle Muntz, Beth Couture, and Natasha Cabot … (I hope I remembered everybody!) A very strange and beautiful effort: we managed to release three “Creatures” into the Internet wilds before folding it in. (There may be interest in reviving some aspects of this endeavor, so this moribund menagerie of multi-limbed Creatures may yet rise again to tromp upon your gardens.)
Sholder Greye
Sholder Greye is a pseudonym I first employed in 1995, in order to post an odd, short novel (a product of my youthful enthusiasm) to a repository of “electronic texts,” as ebooks were called back then. When e-reader technology arrived on the scene over a decade later, I revisited that old novel and formatted it for the new reading platforms. I also released it as a paperback through a print-on-demand service. A fun project! (I make no claims for the quality of the novel; that’s Sholder Greye’s bailiwick.)
My Video Ouvre
A few years back, I made some fun videos in a very low-tech way. Most of them are collected at this link. I made a “feature” as well, Concordian Star, but I was leery of uploading it to the site because the soundtrack makes extensive use of copyrighted material. If you enjoy these videos, however, and are itching to see Concordian Star, I just might be able to burn you a disc and mail it to you as a personal gift (if you’re willing to cover S&H!). Just ask!


The Heap Proper

The following sites (ordered alphabetically) belong to friends, acquaintances, people I find interesting, notable small press publishers, various and sundry associates, etcetera … I consider this list to be a continual work-in-progress: if you’re a friend or acquaintance or various or sundry not listed below, and you have a website I should know about, tell me about it! I’d love to link to it here. And of course, over time, as it occurs to me, I’ll add to it myself. I’m terrible about updating websites, however, so … yeah.

Virginia Aronson
Virginia writes with a vivid flair for the absurd and an imaginative, tender comprehension of her fellow humans. And she has a number of excellent books on offer! I even wrote a blurb for one of them (look under “Comments”).
Tantra Bensko
Tantra is a founding member of The Step Chamber, and she is very active in promoting experimental writing: in particular, a self-invented genre she calls “Lucid Writing.” She’s extraordinarily prolific and imaginative in her own writing and a fierce force upon the Internet on behalf of other writers!
Black Heron Press
A unique small press in Washington that has published some truly strange and delightful work, including Mantids by Ron Dakron and The Rat and the Rose: A Naughtobiography by Arnold Rabin.
Black Scat Books
Avant garde much? Oh, yes! An excellent publisher, as much concerned with lavishing attention on neglected but significant works from the past as with promoting the careers of more contemporary literary laborers. These folks seem to have a fine sense of humor; indeed, I have found that is an abundant quality in the world of innovative lit.
Black Sun Lit
A startling new small press that seems destined for an interesting catalog. I have the inaugural volume of their journal Vestiges (as it contains one of my stories), and it is a stellar production, containing a vast array of oddities and brilliancies … I look forward to following their progress in years to come!
Alana I. Capria
Alana is another founding member of The Step Chamber. Her aesthetics are truly unique and quite visceral! And she’s such a pleasant, smiling person, to boot!
Chômu Press
One of my favorite small press publishers. Their catalog is full of brilliant strangeness. (Also, I have a story in their Dadaoism Anthology … which just proves the point!) Some favorites of mine are Celebrant by Michael Cisco and The Galaxy Club by Brendan Connell.
Evan Dara
Evan is a lavishly gifted writer. His novel The Easy Chain is one of my all-time favorites, and I was deeply honored to be able to publish an excerpt from it in my Guest Edited issue of Gone Lawn.
Robin Wyatt Dunn
Robin is a prolific writer and lover of Los Angeles. He was kind enough to send me a review copy of his surreal novel My Name is Dee, which I subsequently treated at the Shimmer blog. This multitalented fellow has also made some films, apparently, although I haven’t seen them yet. I’m very curious, however!
Berit Ellingsen
Berit, based in Norway, is a writer of the weird and wonderful whose work I was proud to showcase in my Guest Edited issue of Gone Lawn (# 11). English is not her native language, but she inhabits it brilliantly! And now, it appears we are Snuggly siblings!
Jeremy Hawkins
Jeremy is a talented young artist, as evident from his online gallery of sample works. If you are in the Pioneer Valley, perhaps you’ll run into him at an art show here or there!
Honest Publishing
This is a publisher of idiosyncratic literary fiction and poetry. They published The Vorrh by B. Catling, which is a fantastic read, and so I’m keeping my eye on them!
Owen Kaelin
Owen is the founding editor of Gone Lawn, a founding member of The Step Chamber, and a good friend, with whom I have shared enjoyable collaborations and conversations. We first met through Gone Lawn, when he published some of my work there!
Jason Kane
I first encountered Jason through Google, since he posted to his blog an appreciation of one of my published stories. That is a great way for writers to meet each other! He is a very talented writer, and I was delighted to publish some of his work in Gone Lawn.
Sein und Werden
Rachel Kendall, based in the UK, promotes surreal, sui generis writing and has published my work on several occasions over the years in her innovative lit mag. I’m a big fan of this mag!
Pd Lietz
Paula is an amazing artist. She has a comprehensive and poetic vision, and I find myself endlessly fascinated by the gorgeous painting she allowed me to use for the featured artwork in my Guest Edited issue of Gone Lawn. She creates freedom and playfulness in her art, while maintaining a mystical and serious aesthetic.

Snuggly Books
Some excellent Chômu authors have taken up part-time residence in this alternative imprint, which has produced some truly delightful volumes that I have snapped up so far, at no inconsiderable expense, which is to say, I really should stop spending money on books soon. Soon! (I have a story appearing in an upcoming Snuggly Books anthology.)
I am also going to be a Snuggly Author! My very own Snuggly Slim (no. 6) will be released in August 2016. It is called Mendicant City, and you, my faithful reader, will surely love it.
Well, Mendicant City is out, and it’s beautiful … very, hmm, SNUGGLY. And Snuggly Books is more than some “alternative imprint” at this point. They’ve gone berserk! Publishing an astonishing and torrential list that does not appear to be abating anytime soon!
Patrick Sugrue
Patrick is the editor of Bellow Literary Journal, and he published one of my most bizarre stories in the very first issue. He has a clear and passionate devotion to the power of the word.
Tartarus Press
An outstanding small press from the U.K. that specializes in producing beautiful volumes of strange and wondrous tales, as well as a scholarly periodical devoted to the culture and analysis of Weird fiction. I have had the privilege of seeing a story of mine in one of their volumes (Strange Tales V), and I can vouch for the profound quality of their editions.
David Vaipan
David is a filmmaker in California, who is hard at work on a freewheeling, 4-hour adaptation of Joyce’s Ulysses. Take a look at his trailers—you’ll be mesmerized! I can’t wait to see this thing! (I’m even finally making an attempt to read the darned book in preparation.)
Zack Wentz
Zack is a fascinating writer, whom I published in my Guest Edited issue of Gone Lawn, and who published me in his own lit mag, New Dead Families.
Whiskey Tit
Cool micropress, anarchic and genre-bending. I read their first release, Jon Frankel’s Gaha: Babes of the Abyss, and I will be interested to see where next the Tit may point.
So guess what? The Tit pointed at ME. They released my collection I, No Other, and it comes highly recommended, let me tell you.