This page is now this page

I have brought the blog portion of my site to the front of the stage. If you came to view my glorious picture or see my redoubtable list of publications, that is all on the “About+Bibliography” page in the Menu up top.

Why did I do it? I, No Other, my narratorial collection from Whisky Tit, will be delivered to the Literary Wards next month, and that news will be announced here, not the other page. (Things was gettin’ TOO COMPLICATED the other way, I meantersay.)

I may or may not start a Facebook Author Page to relay book-related news. I’m still mulling … my publisher would like me to do that. I am wary, however, of exposing my delicate membranes to Facebook again. If I did it, I would probably reactivate my personal account in order to announce the existence of the Page to all those friends I used to have. And then I would quickly abandon them by shutting down my account again. Ha ha!

We shall see. For now, my announcements live here. So check in every now and then!


The post below presents what is known in the Industry as “Fake News.” Actually, it’s now called FUCK NEWS. That’s according to a poll of subconscious desires conducted via Pornhub’s secret Reverse Channel which records your activities while viewing scintillating and informative Internet Vids.

What I am trying to communicate is that I, No Other, my scintillating and informative narratival gallimaufry published by the estimable Whiskey Tit is not yet in release. Shocked? Appalled? I don’t blame you. Hit with me with Everything, I can take it. Well, under specific circumstances, delineated by the Geneva Convention, I can’t take it. Please refer to relevant codicils, I can wait.

I am not certain of the NEW OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE, but I have been informed that the BOOK RELEASE PARTY is on March 11 in some sort of deliciously disreputable location IN NEW YAWK CITY. My severely limited Mentation Apparatus has therefore conflated the BOOK PARTY with the BOOK RELEASE DATE, and so I shall declare March 11 to be I, No Other’s New “Naissance” Date. That’s a word I just made up on the spot, but it appears that the entire nation of France has STOLEN that word from me and inserted it into all records of spoken and written French dating back even ante Chansons de geste in order to cover up their malodorous misappropriations of my Intellectual Properties, the Scoundrels! They won’t get away with it! I demand compensation! Or at the very least, come-uppance! Ok, just come will do. Very nicely, actually …

I, No Other

My debut full-length collection I, No Other shall be released to fly out upon the world’s weakening literary winds on December 15 … according to inside sources … but don’t hold me to it.

The smudge I have made upon the vast vellum of Literary Influence thus grows a shade darker; from a certain angle, one may soon even begin to discern its amorphous diffusions in the pulp. I advise keeping your celebrations to a minimum, however. The neighbors might complain!

I presented a reading of some of this material recently at the Space Gallery in Portland, Maine. I say that casually, but the event represented the popping of my Reading Cherry, and now I am fully confident that all my future readings will induce spontaneous orgasm in every future audience member.

If I think of any further information to promote this new title, I will be sure to procrastinate lengthily before posting it.

Preorder Praxis

Mendicant City, my Snuggly Slim, is available for preorder from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. (If you have a Barnes & Noble membership or an Amazon Prime membership, shipping will be free, even for this measly 6-dollar object!)

The official Snuggly release date is August 8. If you preorder from one of these online behemoths, therefore, you will receive the item shortly thereafter. On the other hand, if you preorder through Snuggly Books’ Demented Bundle Offer, you will receive not only MY book, but books by other people, too! Who are those “other people” you ask suspiciously? “Are they worth my coin?” Well, why don’t you follow that link back there and find out for yourself? Must I hold your hand? Am I abusing question marks? How foul! Who, next, will be my victim(s) … Commas? Parentheses? Ellipses? No, it’s worse than you thought: Emoji. ;)

I have received my author copies today, I should mention, and they are gorgeous. The book is gorgeous. As is Marked to Die, which I also received. (This is the anthology containing my story “Reinformation Theory.”) And guess what? That one appears to be available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, too! So, even if you don’t have a store membership, you should still be able to get free shipping on Mendicant City if you add it to the same order in which you purchase Marked to Die. :D Ahem.

The Snuggly Demented Bundle

An affordable bundle of three titles has been announced at the Snuggly Books website:

Mendicant City by Yarrow Paisley (ME!)
Rule Dementia! by Quentin S. Crisp
The Tarantulas’ Parlor and Other Unkind Tales by Léon Bloy, translated by Brian Stableford

My title is a Snuggly Slim; the other titles are full length Snuggly Books, available in both paperback and limited edition hardcovers.

Visit the Snuggly Special Offers page for details on how to order this so-called Demented Bundle.

I would also recommend, if you haven’t already, purchasing the Snuggly anthology Marked to Die, which contains my latest published work!