Get your ZOOM on at SMOLFAIR!

Here’s my lazy cut-n-paste from the announcement I composed over at my Patreon Page: I’ll be giving a reading tomorrow night (Saturday, March 6) via Zoom, a technology I’ve used previously in my life exactly once, so cross your fingers folks! It worked that time, however—flawlessly—so perhaps I am injecting an entirely synthetic note of anxiety here…. Why? ‘Cause I can.

The Event in question is called SMOL Fair, which is a consortium of highly uninfluential Small Press types … my favorite kind! Among those movers and shakers is my own personal favorite mover-and-shaker, Whiskey Tit, publisher of I, No Other.

Here is the link you’ll need to use to witness my debacle. Starts at 6PM, but the immolation of Yours Truly will probably occur sometime in the second hour, methinks. It’s only like 10-15 minutes, so don’t expect the Internet to break or anything. Not sure what I’m going to read, of course. I’m currently leaning toward an excerpt from Cherry, maybe that’ll bring in a new Patron or two? If they wanna read the rest, I mean: it’s exclusive here, after all, at the mo’! (And maybe it would be good practice for the audiobook version, which I’m hoping to produce pretty soon. That’ll be a long one, though. Flaneurysm came in at 1/2 an hour, so Cherry might end up nearly twice that. Might serialize her, we’ll see how it shakes out.) Another possibility would be one of my WIPs… there ARE a few of those, in theory …. cryogenic heads, mostly.

I Am a Bitter Distillation

Brace yourselves, fans: new publication on the way!

I have a story in the upcoming poison anthology Bitter Distillations from Egaeus Press. Expected to drop near the end of November, as I understand it. I will keep ye apprised!


I now have the contributor copies in my grubby mitts, and they do not disappoint! ‘Tis a satisfying, solid hardcover with pretty endpapers and lovely illustrations and everything you might suggest for an enchanting and tasteful volume of “poisonous tales.”

The print run is limited to 340 copies, likely to sell out, so if such objets might delight you, hesitate not to wiggle your way through our Intricate Intertubes of Modernity to procure your pleasure at any price! Hesitate NOT, I say!

I, No Other Podcast Casts Off

I have begun a bold new project! It is I, No Other Podcast, a new venue for my creative expressions. It will project my Art into the world by means of the increasingly potent Podcast medium. It will also draw in the masses to support my Patreon project.

In this Podcast, I will premiere audio narrations of my stories. I will sing songs, more than likely covers for the most part, but maybe even some originals from time to time, who knows? I will discuss things on my mind, perhaps. Books? Films? Music? We shall see.

Episode 1 includes the audio narration of “Your Mother Loves You” and my cover of Leonard Cohen’s famous cover song “The Partisan.” Sufficiently supportive patrons of my Patreon will be able to download higher quality mp3s of the materials included in the Podcast.

If you’re wondering, I intend eventually to create audio narrations of all the stories in I, No Other. I will also create audio versions of other stories that I post to my Patreon feed. These will all premiere on I, No Other Podcast. No need to become a patron to hear them, since the Podcast is freely available on many Podcast distribution platforms, but if you find yourself becoming a “regular,” maybe you could throw in a little support, who know? But like I said, it’s okay if you don’t, I’m happy for an appreciative audience. And if you don’t like my stuff, or it offends you, feel free to fuck off. That’s the lovely thing about Podcasts: you don’t actually have to listen to them!

For now, I foresee a monthly release schedule. If the Patreon picks up, then I just might accelerate that. Fingers crossed!

Here is the list of platforms where you can find I, No Other Podcast (that I’m aware of). Just search the title in your preferred app, but if it doesn’t come up, well, try one of these:
Apple Podcasts
Amazon Music
Google Podcasts

It’s hosted by RedCircle, so if all else fails, that should work!

Your Mother Loves You

Off to the races with Patreon! Two devoted Patrons already! Thank you both! One of ’em’s my Mawm!

In honor of the fact that my mother loves me, I thought I should post my story Your Mother Loves You as a free sample of my fiction. . . .

That’s not true, but I liked the sound of it. I’m posting this particular story for free because it’s short and effective: a blast of slippery weirdness that lingers awkwardly in the amygdala (but in a pleasing way, I assure you). Which is to say, it gives potential patrons a representative glimpse into my Literary Cosmos. You want more reads like that one? Better sign up!

This will be the only full free sample. Other stories will live behind the paywall.

For now, I’m busy cogitating ways to attract patrons in the coming months. (Stay tuned is what I’m saying. Also, if you have any bright ideas, shine ’em MY way, willya?)

Patreon and The Life of Cherry

I have begun to wonder lately whether I shouldn’t find some way to monetize my art. Whispers abound (in my mind) of near certain near future reductions of income due to politics and strife, etc. What to do? One has heard tell of the fabled Patreon System, in which “Randos” from the extremities of Space & Time converge into a point to supply needed cash unto the supplicating hands of “Creatives,” a category in which it looks potentially profitable to place myself.

What all that blather is trying to tell you: I’m launching a Patreon page. Patrons will pay a monthly stipend to support my ability to write, and in return, they’ll get to read my writing in the form of PDFs that I will post on the site. More generous Patrons will also receive signed copies of my books, past and future. (It’s possible I’ll create audio performances of my work, as well, but don’t hold your breath. If I receive requests for it, however, I may be more inclined to pursue that project!)

To begin with, I’ll post, over a stretch of time, all the pieces in I, No Other and Mendicant City. Eventually—after they’ve been released and respectfully aged—I’ll post the pieces in Furious in the Expanse and Divine In Essence. If I create new work, I may simply post it at Patreon right away, especially if I’ve actually got some patrons there. Eventually, this venue should become the authoritative repository for my oeuvre.

I’ll, of course, be happy to supply work to publishers who ask me nicely—always a pleasure to hear from them!—but I’m less inclined to be actively banging on doors anymore. I just don’t have the energy or the motivation, sad to say.

I’m going to start the Patreon off with a bang. An unpublished masterpiece of mine called “The Life of Cherry.” There’s a free teaser at Patreon in the very first post, and if you want to read the rest, you’ll just have to … patronize. (Is that the proper usage?)