Beware the Ides of March!

Upon which date I shall be reading from I, No Other. (The 15th, you ignorant buffoon!)

To? A captivated audience (containing possibly You?) at the VCFA, which is short for The Verboten Covfefe of the Finer thangs in life Ain’t free . . . or something like that. Lemme consult the Googleplex: Aha! The Vermont College of Fine Arts, I was close!

(That’s in Montpelier, VT, if you were the least bit confused by that last paragraph. Don’t worry, the writer has been fired. Cruelly.)

We’re quickly reaching the limits of my knowledge . . . ooh! It’s at 6PM! From 6-9PM, in fact. So we have:

6-9PM at VCFA in Montpelier VT on March 15.

I will be reading from I, No Other, but there will be others. For example, the Joey Truman/Jack Warren show! They have the weirdest coolest Performance Art Lit Music Thing going these days, don’t wanna miss that! And there will be Meghan Lamb! She’s from Chicago, I think, imagine coming all the way to Vermont to read stuff to people! And THIS JUST IN, and I quote: “Your post misses the debut of Margaret Wedge, whose Knickpoint will be published next month. You’ll fall in love with her a little; we all do.” Did you hear that? There’s going to be someone at this reading that you’ll fall in love with!!! Jesus Christ, how can you not show up for THAT?

It’s pretty rare that I fraternize with actual writer people, so this is going to be both amazing and terrifying, as all the best things in life are. If you come, you should buy my books and I’ll sign them! Or bring them (if you already bought them), and I’ll sign them! If I already signed them in the past, I’m not unwilling to sign them again. We’ll talk.

Mark your calendars, lads & lassies! In fact, use this handy Facebook event link if you are one of those drones still buzzing around that honeypot of Russkie deplorables.

Ah! There’s an image, too. Let’s see, how do we do this? You know what? This calls for a new post!