Parachuting from Patreon

Nothing wrong with Patreon as a concept, per se, but as a realized actuality, it’s not vibing with my charisma, shall we say. Thusly and therefore, I have bailed. My lethargic contributions to that dreary platform will be no more. My metabolism, it seems, does not support supplementing my 52-hour work week with a 21st Century Side Hustle.

I’ve not abandoned my project of narrating the narrations, I here declare, but delayed it. Someday, when metabolic resources have been freed, maybe I’ll rev that engine back up, who knows. My last recording attempt was lame to say the least (and rest assured unreleased). The set and setting of my audio production efforts are not, to be mild, conducive to excellence or even mediocrity. l just may need to redress that issue before proceeding.

Besides, I have certain other projects in need of my undivided attention. Time to undivide!

I hope that exclamation point confers Inevitability ’pon my Intention…. A sigil, of sorts….