This page is now this page

I have brought the blog portion of my site to the front of the stage. If you came to view my glorious picture or see my redoubtable list of publications, that is all on the “About+Bibliography” page in the Menu up top.

Why did I do it? I, No Other, my narratorial collection from Whisky Tit, will be delivered to the Literary Wards next month, and that news will be announced here, not the other page. (Things was gettin’ TOO COMPLICATED the other way, I meantersay.)

I may or may not start a Facebook Author Page to relay book-related news. I’m still mulling … my publisher would like me to do that. I am wary, however, of exposing my delicate membranes to Facebook again. If I did it, I would probably reactivate my personal account in order to announce the existence of the Page to all those friends I used to have. And then I would quickly abandon them by shutting down my account again. Ha ha!

We shall see. For now, my announcements live here. So check in every now and then!